1. Does your products really work?

Yesssss!!! It works!! Our products our made with pure authentic oils and butters and were created to target healthy hair growth, length retention, moisture, and stronger hair. Everyone’s results varies.

2. How fast can I see results?

Everyone results varies, however, you can start seeing results in little as 4 weeks if you follow the instructions.

3. Can I see results if I have hormonal imbalance or thyroid issues?

Our product Is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat a disease or condition. Please consult your Doctor before using. If you have a health issue or taking medication that is causing hair loss we can not promise that you will see results. Our products are filled with pure, natural ingredients that purifies the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

4. Is my purchase money back guarantee?

At this time we don’t have a money back guarantee option.