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  • Natural Hair Growth Tips You Can Start Today

    Natural Hair Growth Tips Hi there! Here are some natural hair growth tips that you could try out: Be gentle when brushing and styling yo...
  • 5 cause of hair breakage especially for those with natural hair.

    When it comes to hair loss and breakage finding out the cause can be so puzzling, especially when your hair is falling out so rapidly. We get get a...
  • 5 Tips For Longer, Healthy, Kinky Curly Hair

    Healthy Hair Tips for Kinky Curly Hair Hair healthy takes intentionality, because who doesn't want head full of strong healthy hair. 1. Keep your hair moisturized. AHHH!! I know it seems easier said than done when your hair has a hard time retaining moisture.
  • How to properly detangle 4 type hair without breakage.

      Spitz/Wet hair Never detangle on dry hair. Section hair into small sections. Work fingers through knots Be patient with this step, don't rips th...
  • Happy Woman International Month!!

    Happy Woman's International Month!