5 cause of hair breakage especially for those with natural hair.

5 cause of hair breakage especially for those with natural hair.

When it comes to hair loss and breakage finding out the cause can be so puzzling, especially when your hair is falling out so rapidly. We get get alot questions on how to grow hair back fast after hair loss. However, the question that needs to be asking before using any hair growth product is, why is my hair falling out? Though there are many contributing factors to hair loss, today I'll be listing 5.

How to reduce hair breakage and grow longer hair, Hair growth product for hair loss issues


1. Heat Damage

Put the heat down, sis!! Just put away all the high heated blow dryer and flat irons. Over processing your hair with heat over 300 F will only lead to breaking down the protein in your hair which lead to weak brittle which only cause breakage in the end. We recommend avoiding heat all together, but if you must invest in a really good heat protectant.

2. Improperly Detangling Hair

One of the biggest mistake some make with detangling thir hair is detangling dry hair. Before I example go and grab our Hydrating Curl Mist which lubercate your hair strands making it easy to detangle. Sis, you never want to detangle dry hair, that only make you hair strands snap and break. 

3. Medication

Did you know certain medications causes hair loss like antidepressants and beta blockers. Definitely speak with your doctor if you're on these medications.

4. Stress

Nothing breaks hair faster than stress. Whatever it is, let it go. It's worth your hair over it.

5. Moisture

Sis your hair needs moisture to thrive. Lack of moisture only lead to dry brittle hair. Our Antibreakerage Hair Growth Butter is a must have to lock in all the moisture.



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